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In a territory devoted to high craftsmanship, the creativity of Maria Grazia Livi, art teacher, has been refined in 50 years of tailoring experience, giving life to a company that ranks among the Italian excellences of elegant, enriched outerwear from haute couture processes.

A cutting department that makes use of  of the skilled hands of specialized artisans as well as of the latest generation machinery, a tailoring workshop focused on the production of prototypes, runway garments and limited editions of particular value,  are the background of a highly qualified team, that follows each creation up to the fitting on the models in  backstage of the fashion shows in Milan, Rome, London, Paris and New York. 


Address: Location Castelnuovo, 67, 52010 Castelnuovo AR

Phone: +39 (0) 575 420449

E-mail: ‎info@confezionielledue.it

Creative tailoring

Confezioni Elledue was founded in 1976 in Arezzo by Maria Grazia Livi, a fashion teacher. The company later moved to Subbiano in 1980 and since then has specialised in tailoring garments of particularly high quality. Since that time, it has taken charge of the entire production cycle for the most prestigious brands and with its team of seamstresses and ironers, it offers a tailor-made service for fashion show garments during the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York.


A cutting department with advanced machinery for production with separation specializing in clothing for fashion shows 

Tailoring Laboratory

Production of prototypes, samples, and limited editions, thanks to a team highly specialized in tailored clothing.

Runway team

A team of tailors and ironers to fine tune runway clothing directly backstage at fashion shows