The experience born from the tradition of four generations of tailors puts itself at the service of creativity to manage with the utmost care the creation of garments for the most prestigious brands.  The production process begins with the accurate study of the sketchthen moves on to the creation of the pattern which is fine-tuned in the prototype. Even the tiniest details are researched to enhance the craftsmanship and give every garment the absolute uniqueness that a luxury product must convey.



Address:Via Molinello, 3

23892 Bulciago (LC) 

Phone: +39 031 874202

E-mail: com@emmegibulciago. com


Tailored outerwear

The company’s pride and joy is its extremely high precision cutting, the result of a clever use of technology. Thanks to the artisanal experience gained in over XNUMX years of sartorial work. Manual techniques complete and enrich every product until the meticulous quality control, carried out by expert craftsmen and women, attentive to every detail, to meet the requirements of the luxury brands.


IA cut

Emmegi uses the innovative vision system that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and place patterns on fabric.

Manual finishes

The sartorial vocation of the company is best expressed in the manual processing, which distinguishes a luxury product.

Quality control

Each phase of the production process is carefully controlled in detail up to the final testing.