The experience that comes from tradition dthe four generations of tailors puts himself at the service of creativity, Fr.o handle with the utmost care la creation dthe garments for the most prestigious brands.  The production process istarts with the careful study of the sketch, passa to the creation of the model, che is refined in the prototype. Every detail is studied per to enhance tailoring, e confer on each item labsolute uniqueness that a luxury product must convey.



Address:Via del Molinello, 3

23892 Bulciago (LC) 

Phone: +39 031 874202

Email: com@emmegibulciago.com


Tailored outerwear

The company's flagship is il ultra-high precision cutting with artificial intelligence, eexpulsion of a wise use of technology, gthanks to the artisan experience acquired in over 100 years of tailoring work. Manual processing ccomplement and enrich oreach product, fup to meticulous quality control, cled by expert workers, auser to examine every detail, pto meet the needs dand luxury brands.


IA cut

Emmegi uses the innovative vision system that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and place the patterns on fabric.

Manual finishes

The sartorial vocation of the company is best expressed in the manual processing, which distinguishes a luxury product.

Quality check

Each phase of the production process is carefully controlled in detail up to the final testing.