The culture of raw material and knowledge about its features underlie a process that uses fine yarns in extremely refined production techniques. In the conditioning room, the yarn is hydrated to best meet the needs of all production stages.

Weaving on Shima machines with the widest range of gauges, washing cycles, sewing, and all manual finishing leading from creation of the prototype to production are tracked digitally to monitor the protocols of the acquired certifications.

A constant focus on sustainability is realized in actions aimed at reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, such as the application of a code of ethics that protects and enhances workers, guaranteeing the reputation of the luxury brand.


Address: Via Boschi, 42, 37060 Gazzo Veronese VR

Phone: +39 0442 56666


Technology and tailoring

The Erika knitwear factory combines the advanced technology of SHIMA flat knitting machines for all gauges with that of COTTON looms, modified for adaptation to the needs of clientele accustomed to even extreme gauges such as 30. The yarn conditioning room also gives the yarn the right degree of moisture so it can be worked as well as possible.  Technology and control in each production stage yield about 130.000 garments per year, while maintaining a decidedly high level of tailoring standards. The 119 employees, as well as 250 representatives around the area, all certified with respect to environmental aspects, ethics, and safety, are divided into the prototyping and sampling, weaving, treatment, sewing, finishing and ironing departments, housed in a 5000 mq factory built with particular attention to environmental impacts and respect for environmental regulations.


SHIMA electronic flat knitting machines and COTTON electronic looms, for thread counts from 2/60 to 2/100, up to 30 gauge


Production is always carried out in house, and each stage is monitored: treatment, sewing, finishing and ironing, up to dispatch.

Quality control

From the prototype to quality control, each phase is followed by expert workers capable of guaranteeing the impeccable quality of a luxury product.