An imprinting that has been handed down for four generations. A family that has been synonymous with design for over 100 years.  Translating the creativity of the designers into wearable garments. Bringing a dream to life from the moment it is conceived to the moment it materialises for the first time on a runway. Each customer is offered expertise and flexibility, but also exclusive work spaces to guarantee maximum confidentiality before the release of a collection. The meticulous attention paid in every stage of the processing from fabric selection, to cutting, through to production, completes a service focused on problem solving to ensure impeccable quality at all times. 


Address: Via Sansovino 217, 10151 Turin

Phone: +39 011 201580

E-mail: info@fredianisrl. it

The art of pattern making

Frediani, founded in Turin in 1992 by Massimo Frediani, the creative product of Italian haute couture pattern making and tailoring, is a leading company in the design of high-end outerwear for luxury brands. The high quality and technical professionalism acquired from the family tradition, the art of pattern making, and its exquisite creativity and craftsmanship, are its main strengths. 

Pattern Making

Creativity and versatility in interpreting the pattern and fit of the garment. Skill and efficiency in researching the cloth.


The performance of special crafting processes and the realisation of samples thanks to a highly qualified team

From prototype to production

Ability to offer the right fit for the production. Quality control and logistics.