Sustainability certification

Gruppo Florence choose 4SUSTAINABILITY®, the system and brand that certifies the sustainability performance of the fashion & luxury supply chain, to implement its sustainable development strategy. 

Gruppo Florence with its current five companies in the Italian fashion chain – Giuntini, Ciemmeci Fashion, Melys, Manifatture Cesari, Emmegi - produces clothing for the main ones international luxury brands and it directly relates to them, the last link in an upstream supply chain that it is called upon to oversee also in the growth process.

Membership of the Commitment 4SUSTAINABILITY®, is outlined in this sense as the ideal choice for the transition to a concretely sustainable business model.

a path that certifies excellence

The steps

4SUSTAINABILITY is the trademark of Process Factory which guarantees the authenticity of the path of companies in the fashion supply chain towards sustainability. The implementation of each roadmap initiative is verified and measured annually on the basis of a structured protocol of activities, in the following sectors:

  1. MATERIALS: conversion to the use of lower impact materials for sustainable production 
  2. RECYCLE: development of reuse, recycling and sustainable design practices 
  3. CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT: elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals from production cycles 
  4. TRACE: process traceability and supply chain monitoring 
  5. PLANET: conscious use of resources to reduce the environmental impact 
  6. PEOPLE: Growth of organizational well-being

The multi-year project provides for the formation of Sustainability Social Responsibility and Compliance team of Gruppo Florence, on the key issues of sustainability in the fashion world, the methodology 4sustainability and its six implementation pillars, involving all business functions interested: Purchasing, Operations, Product Development, Human Resources.

The initiatives common to all the companies of the group concern the engagement of upstream supply chains on the various issues of sustainability, the reduction of environmental impact in terms of reducing water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the creation of a harmonic system of chemical management for the elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals from the production cycles, the growth of skills and organizational well-being with particular focus on the person.

Attila Kiss, CEO of Gruppo Florence firmly believes in the sustainable development of fashion. “We have long supported various projects that reduce our environmental impact or improve some aspect of resource management or the environment along our supply chain. But the main reason why we turned to 4sustainability is that we would like to address the topic of ethics and sustainability with a structured, exhaustive and measurable method. Gruppo Florence is an initiative that aims to safeguard the Made in Italy supply chain, offer efficient services and guarantee the reputation of all the brands that turn to us, therefore only with an approach of this type can we be sure that we are investing in the right direction and know the impact of our efforts”.

Francesca RollersCEO Process Factory and creator of the system 4sustainability, does not hide the satisfaction for a significant partnership also for the school case that it already represents. “With its companies, Gruppo Florence brings together all the complexity of the production process, overseeing the various phases that contribute to the creation of the finished garment. The experience we have acquired over the years working alongside many different companies in terms of product type and location along the supply chain, we now have the opportunity to apply to a reality that is also a single management model. Being able to measure its progress to design a growth path that constantly tends towards excellence will be useful for us to grow in turn, reinforcing the solidity and uniqueness of a method recognized by many brands in the sector precisely because of these characteristics".