New acquisitions

Ideal Blue

The first company specializing in the processing of denim enters the Group: Ideal Blue Manufacturing, a company from the Marche region born in Urbania in 1976 from the passion for haute couture of Pietro Moretti and his wife Teresa Stocchi. Only after a few years the founders decided to specialize in the processing of denim garments for the luxury range, a farsighted intuition that led the company to collaborate with some of the most important world fashion brands thanks also to the perfect combination of innovation and sustainability that makes Ideal Blue an advanced, modern and ethical textile manufacture. The company is managed today by the second generation of the Moretti family with Sara, Marco and Silvia Moretti who will become CEO.

Francesco Trapani, President of the Gruppo Florence declared: “With the entry of Ideal Blue, the growth path of Gruppo Florence, which now has twenty-one excellences of Italian craftsmanship. We are proud to be able to repay, day after day, the trust that entrepreneurs continue to place in us, making the network of witnesses of the undisputed quality of Made in Italy increasingly solid, an invaluable heritage of sharing culture and entrepreneurial experience to be protected and hand down to the craftsmen of tomorrow".

Attila Kiss, CEO of the Gruppo Florence commented: “Ideal Blue perfectly reflects the values ​​promoted by the Florence Group, a common vision based on artisan know-how and a deep-rooted industrial ethics. The company of the Moretti family, since its foundation, has embraced this philosophy, making sustainability the leitmotif of a family tradition to be passed on from generation to generation: a reality that we are proud to welcome and support ".

Excellence in denim



Ideal Blue has achieved solid financial results that record over € 26 million in revenues in 2021, over 30 million expected for 2022 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2017 to 2021 of 10%. These numbers are the result of a winning industrial policy: the production process is entirely carried out internally, from the prototyping phase to the modeling, a production chain and laser machines that allow you to prepare and customize the garments for final washing, with internal embroidery and digital printers of latest generation that use natural colors, an internal ironing and finishing. One hundred and forty employees work within Ideal Blue, according to a well-rooted corporate ethics, in the name of creative sharing and sustainability. Ideal Blue is one of the first companies in the sector to be able to certify the entire production chain according to the requirements of the GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, adheres to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard for "Digital printing and packaging of clothing items" and is one of the few companies in Europe to adopt laser washing technology in manufacturing during the garment manufacturing process, optimizing water consumption in the subsequent phases and eliminating the use of chemicals.

Pietro Moretti, founder, declared: “Today Ideal Blue takes a crucial step in its entrepreneurial history: joining the Gruppo Florence represents a unique opportunity for growth and development, an opportunity that will be witnessed by my children who I am sure will keep the identity and the passion that has distinguished us all these years ".