Leonello Spagnol 

The mark of a family tradition and an inclination for versatility ensure that the brand’s innovative products are an incentive for constant research into the infinite possibilities of knitwear designed for the most exclusive sartorial production techniques.

The selection of yarns, the choice of accessories, weaving, the particular production techniques, semi-finished product tests, sewing, delivery: each process is managed electronically to optimize each phase and track the quality of a product whose added value is absolute uniqueness.


Address: Via Boccacavalla, 1 – 31044 Montebelluna Treviso

Phone: +39 (0)4232857


Serving Creativity in Knitwear

For more than 60 years, particular attention for the most refined production techniques and a constant search for combinations of the most valuable materials have made Leonello Spagnol a historical partner of reference for many of the most important luxury brands. Ten years ago, with a shift in leadership to the founder’s grandchildren, Edoardo and Riccardo, the company has seen an important push for growth, with constant technological innovation to achieve increasingly elevated standards. 

The research and development division, which works completely in house, advances the most creative solutions that best express workmanship in knitwear. In two factories with a total of 5.550 mq, equipped with a wide range of machines for gauges from 3 to 18, 35 employees follow the entire process running from prototype to production and logistics, due to electronic tracking for each individual product.


An ample range of Shima machines for all gauges from 3 to 18. Specialized in light, 16–18-gauge knits, true passion since the beginning.

Cutting by Hand

The combination of knitwear and precious materials requires particular attention and hand cutting to respect the design of the fabric.

Quality control

Each phase, from prototype to production, is tracked electronically, up to quality control and delivery.