Metaphor it is the result of a long journey that began in 1935 in Belgium, in Verviers, one of the capitals of the wool industry of the XVIII e XIX centuries. But it is in Italy, and more precisely in Carpi, in a region recognized all over the world for its textile know-how, that Metaphor has established its headquarters and its main laboratories. The precious know-how of the company, which produces high-end knitwear for the main international luxury brands, relies on the expertise of highly qualified employees and a large weaving department equipped with the latest generation machines.



Address: Via Toscana 9 - 41012 Carpi (MO)

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High technology in knitwear

Metaphor is a company specialized in the production of knitwear for luxury brands, which thanks to the use of advanced machinery and skilled labor, is able to offer a wide range of weaving techniques. Its qualified professionals support the stylists from the choice of materials, to the design of prototypes up to the production and delivery of the collections. Thirty years of experience in the great classics of knitwear: jacquard, inlay, specialized in decidedly particular processes: multi-gauge, seamless, textured. Metaphor owns the latest electronic ADF Stoll machines, flexible and versatile, innovative in style and production methods.

From prototype to production

The latest generation machines join the traditional ones to satisfy all types of orders from prototype to production. The result: a particularly wide range of knitwear.

Skilled labor

From the classics of knitwear: jacquard, intarsia, textured or textured stitches, to the most innovative processes such as multi-gauge, seamless, and woven.

State-of-the-art machinery

The latest electronic ADF Stoll machines are the most flexible and versatile, they are designed to invent the knitwear of tomorrow.