New acquisitions


SIPAFF, the Bergamo-based company active in the production of shirts for customers in the luxury segment, celebrates 45 years of activity with the entry into Gruppo Florence and joins the other 22 companies that have already adhered to the Group's philosophy.

Francesco Trapani, President of the Gruppo Florence said:

“With the entry of SIPAFF, Gruppo Florence further enriches the invaluable heritage of artisan know-how contributed by all the entrepreneurs who, to date, have believed in us. Their trust is the engine of our work and the reason for our tenacity. Our target is the small manufacturing excellences who want to embrace our project and who need to make a leap in size and we think, by 2023, we will reach the goal of thirty companies".

Attila Kiss, CEO of the Gruppo Florence commented:

"SIPAFF is a solid company in its experience and generous in its work. Make your own available skills to realize the vision of fashion designers and fashion houses is exactly the purpose that Gruppo Florence aims with the entrepreneurs who join our path".

leader in shirting



In 1977, the Oprandi family gave birth to a niche reality, leveraging the peculiarities of the area in which it was located, a prosperous textile district that could ensure access to cotton fabrics and high-level suppliers. Since its inception, SIPAFF has collaborated with the most important brands that today are among the most famous international fashion houses.

SIPAFF is today recognized internationally for the solid experience gained in the placement and cutting of the garments and the particular workmanship.

The company led by the CEO Anna Oprandi, headed by an all-female management, it has over 200 employees, who deal with all stages of production and packaging, with more than 250 finished garments a year. From 2019 to 2021 the company recorded a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% with a turnover for the current year of approximately Euro 14M. 

Anna Oprandi, CEO of SIPAFF he declared: “I have always worked independently, but current fashion requires a different approach than in the past: today, small is no longer beautiful and being independent is no longer enough to be successful. The world is changing, man is changing and consequently my business too. I believe that Gruppo Florence I anticipated a trend and I'm really happy to be part of it. I immediately embraced the Group's philosophy, because this is what SIPAFF needs now".