Providing the Fashion System with sixty years of knowledge, Giuntini has the manual skills technology, experience and research,needed to turn a creative proposals into a concrete reality. Founded by Landa Sabatini in 1957, Giuntini has become
a key business for the global high-end fashion industry and works with, the most prestigious brands in the design, development, prototyping and production of clothing lines.
Innovation, competitiveness, versatility, quality, and passion have always been the characteristics of the core business and Giuntini applies these to the product and to the entire production process.
A company, a family, and a history whose roots lie deep within Tuscany the region where this all began and a region that boasts amazing craftsmanship experience and skilled workers who are able to perform the most refined manual processes.
Encompassing everything from prototyping the creation of catwalk-ready clothes, sample collections, and production through to delivery of items to the customer warehouse, the Giuntini production process is fine-tuned to meet high-end quality standards and the the needs of fashion houses


Address: Second Viale 25, ZI La Fila - 56037 Peccioli (PI) - Italy

Phone: +39 (0)587 606400

Email: info@giuntini.com


Tailoring and innovation

Giuntini SPA collaborates with the most prestigious luxury brands.
Items of clothing are developed entirely within the company, with a particular focus on outerwear and processes that require highly specialised labour such as double tailoring 

The Style department is the heart of Giuntini, and here the work stem from an idea, a sketch, or just a note from designer. Ideas are developed by a team dedicated team who work in close contact with the brands from the initial stages of the project, monitoring prototype progress too. With virtual prototyping, i.e. that is the realistic 3D simulation of the prototype, all stages of work are reduced and significantly speeded up.


Iso 45001
SA 8000
ISO 14001
Clean Chain
Iso 37001 
ISO 9001
Global Recycled Standards

Innovation and research

With virtual prototyping, special processing, heat sealing, laser cutting, and ultrasonic sewing, Giuntini is always up-to-date with new technologies.


Idea, development, pattern making, prototype creation up to the sample garment approved for production


Small- and large-scale productions achieved as a result of highly industrialised processes.