Knowledge of the most impalpable fabrics and the ability to mould them into an infinite variety of shapes are the distinguishing features of a company highly specialised in “lightweight”.

Every dream expressed by the creatives comes true through the combination of XNUMXD development and manual craftsmanship, with state-of-the-art cutting machinery, special production techniques and meticulous hand finishing, in a process which, through trials and fittings, leads to the definition of the sample that will be sent for industrialisation.

The production cycle is completed in-house: fabric and accessory selection, cutting, tailoring, ironing and quality control, each phase is monitored to guarantee the excellence of a totally unique product.


Address: Via G.Botteri 12 -43122 Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 (0)521 994068


“Lightweight” high-quality tailoring

Parma Moda is the result of the entrepreneurial skills of Giovanna and Francesca Bertagna, who have transformed a workshop intended for training workers specialised in haute couture into a company that has become a reference point for all brands seeking quality service. Specialised in “lightweight” i.e. in the creation of women’s garments in impalpable fabrics, characterised by particularly sophisticated production techniques, it has a modern in-house modelling department that uses 3D technologies, in addition to traditional methods for making patterns, prototypes, samples and fashion show garments. Production and quality control always take place in-house, at the production line with the branch office in Rovigo, in anticipation of soon bringing both entities together in a single location and doubling the internal production capacity with a total of around 80 employees.

Pattern Making

Modeling department that combines 3D technology with hand work with a paper model on a mannequin 


Tailoring laboratory specializing in the management of light items enriched by special processes


Internal production management: from cutting, to packaging, up to quality control and shipping