New acquisitions

Ricamificio GS

We are happy to announce entry into Gruppo Florence di Ricamificio GS, an Abruzzo-based company founded in 1988 by the family Galiffa, today one of the top five embroidery firms in Italy, a leader in the world ofembellishments at the service of high fashion. Thanks to its highly specialized staff and latest generation machinery, Ricamificio GS is now recognized as a productive reality able to satisfy any need of our customers.

Francesco Trapani, President of the Gruppo Florence said: “The project of Gruppo Florence continues to attract production companies that excel in unique processes for craftsmanship and innovation, which make the Made in Italy tradition the increasingly sought-after product by luxury brands on a global level".

Attila Kiss, CEO of the Gruppo Florence commented: “Tradition, research and innovation are the hallmarks of the DNA of Ricamificio GS, in which we find the essence of mission di Gruppo Florence. The history of this company tells us how important it is to have the courage to experiment in order to be able to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship over time, without distorting its essence”.

leader inembellishments


Ricamificio GS

A 2022 turnover of around 16 million euros, 114 employees and 2 production plants in Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, in the province of Teramo. Thanks to the work done by its internal graphics office, Ricamificio GS has developed a creative and technological ability that places it today among the most advanced production realities in the creation of embroidery on fabric. The continuous investment in cutting-edge machinery has always allowed new commercial outlets: the fabric transformation department, the screen printing departments and the graphic studio are the sectors where experience and innovation come together at the service of the ideas that are developed to give life to embroideries and prints. Between 2017 and 2018, the company made other important investments from a technological point of view, with the purchase of embroidery machines with large fields, the installation of bridge lasers to create embroideries with carvings and, lastly, a Inkjet printing machine with pigment dyes that allows you to print on all types of fabric, as well as on finished garments. 

Emidio Galiffa, Chief Executive Officer of Ricamificio GS said: “We know many of the companies that have joined Gruppo Florence and we have already had the opportunity to collaborate with them. Many of these entrepreneurial realities are born, like ours, from the will of a family that has had the good fortune and the strength to grow its company. Having the privilege of joining an extended family like that of Gruppo Florence marks an important step in further development, especially at the managerial organization level. We are ready to write a new page in our history with the same enthusiasm that has guided us for over thirty years, honored to contribute to that of Gruppo Florence".