Officina Ciemmeci  

The company internally manages all of the processes that go into treating and finishing leather products. Thanks to a large group of specialists, it searches for the best materials and draws on an extensive historical archive, to stimulate ideas and creativity. The services offered are the most requested, but also the most particular: washing, lamination, thermal adhesion, sponge dying, spray and hand dying, digital printing, and pad printing, as well as embroidery, laser work, application of studs and rhinestones, and pleating.


Address: Via F. Turati 1-3-5 56024 San Miniato (PI) 

Phone: 39 + (0)571 489431

Email: officina@ciemmeci.it

Craftsmanship and industrialization

Officina is centered on leather and fabric processing for the biggest international brands. It bases its foundations on the experience and know-how of a highly qualified staff attentive to details and product quality. Inside, material professionals and cutting-edge technicians merge with the aim of providing a vast and particular panorama of processes and treatments. Experts in different sectors and creatives are at the forefront to present products of absolute value, ideas and solutions that satisfy original and quality samples, proposed by our customers and supported by internal research and development. Various processes are concentrated in the workshop including heat sealing, embossed, digital printing, screen printing, laser, padding and washing, always customized on customer needs.

Thermo coupling

The thermo coupling allows a definitive and durable fixing of leathers and fabrics. 


Washing, dyeing and spray buffering are among the most common methods of dyeing leather.

Digital print

Digital technologies allow you to print with great quality on many types of leather and fabric.